Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Result : Bro FC (3) vs Perdana FC  (2)
Date : 11 July 2010 (Saturday)

Scorer: 1. Azmil Azali 2. Amierul Affendi 3. Mohd Fitri (Ude) 
Time : 4 pm
Venue : Padang Sri Gelam "B"
Baju warmup: Biru 
Polo T Merah & Seluar 3/4
Official: Black Polo T

To all Bro FC Players maintain your performance as usual & all the best. Work As A Team. Not forgetting our Officials & Fans too. Thanks.....(Facebook).

 Assalamualaikum Kepada Semua Out There, Selamat menyambut Bulan Shaaban & Selamat Pagi Everyone. Bro FC menang lagi. Scorer of the dayThis emoticon has been enhanced by Facicons 1. Azmil Azali 2. Amierul Affendi 3. Mohd Fitri (Ude). Tahniah untuk pemain2 kerana masih dgn keputusan yang konsisten buat masa ini..., begitu juga akan datang hendaknya InsyaAllah.. Tak lupa juga kepada Officials yang menyelengarakan tugas masing2. Not forgetting the Bro FC Fans too. Thanks to all of you. (Facebook)

Weather at that time was quite sunny. We won the game against Perdana FC.  Bro FC at the top of the table right now.

Zul!!! Man-on
Best Man Win...
Jai!! Go for the ball.
Fendi - Ambek tu.
Get your opponent.
Anuar Our Enemy and Our player too.
Go Away don't touch me...
Shafiq flying like a balerina.
Shafiq you can do it.
As! control the ball.
Captain! nak apa?


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